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Happy and Healthy Holiday Tips

CommentsPosted by: HealthySelf Guest Blogger on Nov 04, 2013 in Health, Nutrition

The following post is written by Melissa Martin, Nutrition Services Manager at Woman’s Center for Wellness.

With every holiday season comes our favorite treats, casseroles and cocktails. One holiday tradition many of us have in common is the unwanted but accepted weight gain – accepted because we have a New Year around the corner and losing the extra pounds will be part of our New Year’s Resolution.

Does this sound familiar yet?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to enjoy our favorite holiday meals slightly modified and not gain the extra pounds? Throughout the holidays, the Healthy Self blog will publish healthy alternatives to your favorite, and unfortunately high-calorie, holiday dishes. Be sure to check back for healthy versions of pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce, sweet potato casserole, spinach Madeline, and more.

For now, check out these quick and easy tips for healthy eating during the holidays.

Happy and Healthy Holiday Tips

  1. Just say no! Avoid the break room at work, resist the cookie tin your co-worker gives you, and keep sweets out of sight.
  2. Portion – Instead of taking a sweet treat from each tin or platter in sight, pick 2 bite-size options and walk away from the desserts.
  3. Balance – The day of a large Christmas party be very conservative with your calorie intake earlier in the day to allow for more calories at the party.
  4. Avoid party foods that are fried, in heavy sauces and covered with cheese. This tip alone could help save 200 calories.
  5. Use a small cocktail plate; once the plate is full, try to avoid going back for a second or third plate.
  6. Cook – offer to prepare a side dish or dessert. This way you can control a recipe and ensure one healthy item on the menu.  And no, people are not upset when a healthy item is prepared! In fact, most people appreciate when meals are prepared health conscious.
  7. Don’t forget alcoholic beverages and holiday punches are not calorie free!  The average non-alcoholic punch has 80-110 calories per punch cup.  The average alcoholic punch has 120-180 calories per punch cup.
  8. Enjoy holiday food, find recipes that offer healthier substitutions, but still provide great taste and flavor.  Do not obsess over temptations before they arise, this will only set you up for failure.
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