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The Little Fat Girl Inside: The Fun & Challenge of Tailgating

Posted by: Sheila Talamo on Aug 26, 2014 in Health, Nutrition

It’s inevitable – if you live in Baton Rouge, thoughts, talk, and plans at this time of the year turn to LSU football and tailgating.   And, it probably goes without saying, but tailgating LSU-style adds a whole other challenge to diet and weight maintenance!

tailgatingI must confess.  The Lil’ Fat Girl Inside, along with family and friends, is an avid tailgater.  We’re the Pre-Dawn Taigatin’ Tigers which means we begin our day around 5 a.m. with a full breakfast menu – omelets, cheese grits, French toast, crabmeat casserole, pastries, and fruit. We progress through the day with a wide assortment of ribs, sausages, chicken, pastas, chips, desserts, and more.  It’s a long day and night filled with great food and drink … and lots of opportunities to stray from my weight maintenance efforts.   The 2014 Football Season is sure to put my post-IP maintenance plan to the test!   Since the first home game is less than two weeks away, I need to get my game face and game plan ready!

Four Healthy Grilling Tips to Use on the Pit

Posted by: HealthySelf Guest Blogger on Aug 25, 2014 in Health, Nutrition

The following post was written by Amber McGuerty with Woman’s Nutrition Services Department.

481053955 (1)Summer is beginning to wind down, but it’s not time to stow away the barbecue pits just yet.

You can cook almost anything on the grill and it can be a healthy way of preparing meals if done properly.

Comfort Foods – Why do they make us happy?

Posted by: HealthySelf Guest Blogger on Aug 21, 2014 in Health, Nutrition

The following post was written by Dr. Kimberly Gorman for the Obesity Action Coalition’s Your Weight Matters magazine.

“There, there. Just let me bake you some cookies.” “Don’t cry. We’ll stop and get some ice cream, and it will all be better.”

Do these sound familiar? Maybe statements that you heard as a young child? They were innocent words and very genuine actions on the part of our caregivers to express love and concern to us when we were hurting. The way they knew to do this was through food – and not just any food. Usually, the foods offered were foods rich in fats and carbohydrates – the foods that we have come to term “comfort foods.” In this way, food has come to be used as a special type of medicine, as an anti-depressant of types, to cure the mood that ails us. However, such patterns can become very problematic, especially if it is a habitual pattern causing excessive weight gain.

Ideal Protein Taking Center Stage for Dieters

Posted by: HealthySelf Guest Blogger on Aug 18, 2014 in Health, Nutrition

If you’ve been trying to lose weight and eat healthier, chances are you’ve heard of the Ideal Protein diet.

It’s become so popular that restaurants have started including Ideal Protein dishes on their menus and the Ideal Protein supplements can be found throughout Baton Rouge, including at Woman’s Center for Wellness.

It’s Time to Run for Your Lives

Posted by: HealthySelf Guest Blogger on Aug 14, 2014 in Exercise, Motivation

medalIt’s time to get your running shoes laced up. The Woman’s Half Marathon, 10K and [225]K will be three months away on Saturday, which means now is the perfect time to start your training.

Woman’s Center for Wellness will once again hold the Run for your Lives fitness program this year in anticipation of runners – and walkers – who have the goal of crossing the finish line in any of Woman’s three races.

The Little Fat Girl Inside: The Fat Trap

Posted by: Sheila Talamo on Aug 12, 2014 in Health, Nutrition

As I’ve mentioned in previous postings, the thoughts that I share through this blog reflect my personal experiences.  I am not a dietician, nutritionist, or food coach.  I don’t dispense medical advice. I offer that disclaimer again because I want to be sure that what I share through this blog is not misinterpreted as something more than what it is – one person’s weight maintenance journey.

Tips for the First Day of School

Posted by: HealthySelf Guest Blogger on Aug 11, 2014 in Emotions

Today is the first day of school for many kids in Baton Rouge. Which means a quiet house, but a lot of stress and nervousness from both mom and kids.

To ease some of those nerves, the American Academy of Pediatrics created some tips to help parents and their children adjust to another school year. Check them out as you get everyone ready to go this morning or refer back to them during the year.

Health or Hype: Navigating the Nutrition Bar Scene

Posted by: Cynthia Toups on Aug 08, 2014 in Health, Nutrition

In our current “grab-and-gobble” society, the need for convenient, portable nutrition has taken on increasing appeal. Once the domain of serious, in-training athletes, the popularity of nutrition bars have quickly trickled down to recreational athletes, workaholics, and over-committed parents looking to get an energy boost or a quick nutritional fix.

With so many different brands promising different results, it can be hard to navigate the field of choices.

Power of Perspiration

Posted by: HealthySelf Guest Blogger on Aug 07, 2014 in Motivation


There’s an old saying that “Sweat is fat crying.”

In Louisiana, you have hundreds of opportunities throughout the year to create a good sweat. Even indoors in the gym, a drenched shirt means you’ve done something right with your workout.

Keep the sweat flowing and the fat crying.

The Little Fat Girl Inside: Defining a New Normal

Posted by: Sheila Talamo on Aug 05, 2014 in Health, Nutrition

It’s a little over 100 days that I have been on my post-IP maintenance plan.  I am beginning to wonder when (or if) I will be able define what my new “normal” is relative to food.  Yet, even as I type that sentence, I realize how weird it might sound to individuals who have not struggled with weight, diet, or food issues during their lives.  I imagine there are folks who never give food a second thought, who eat what they want when they want, and who have maintained a healthy weight their entire life!  That’s the “normal” that I want!

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